Rape isn’t a sexual fantasy. It’s a violent crime.

A email I got .. My dad subscribed to care2 I’m getting divorced
And All these rape gangs in the uk. Disgusting

Lock them up ..

Don’t fear the technology that will increase communication
Skills ..

My father was hard left .. trust me I’m under no obligation to sign

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To: ravi bhojwani <ravibhojwani>
Subject: Rape isn’t a sexual fantasy. It’s a violent crime.
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This sex robot lets you simulate rape.


Remove Sex Robot Feature That Lets Men Simulate Rape!

Sign Now

According to the company’s website, “Frigid Farrah” is “reserved and shy,” and if you touch her “in a private area, more than likely, she will not be too appreciative of your advance.” Essentially, she lets users simulate rape. The robot also has a “Young Yoko” personality who the company describes as “oh so young (barely 18) and waiting for you to teach her.” Having these differing personalities supposedly “[allows] everyone to realise their most private sexual dreams.”

Rape is not a sexual dream. It is a violent crime. Having a “frigid” setting perpetuates rape culture, and it should be removed immediately.

True Companion has denied claims that the robot is programmed to participate in a rape scenario. Regardless of the intention, however, there’s no denying that the “Frigid Farrah” and “Young Yoko” settings both undermine the importance of consent in all sexual relations.

We need to stop normalizing sexual violence and start treating rape as the violent crime it is.

Please sign this petition demanding that True Companion remove features that let users simulate rape against women.

Thank you,

aartik-circle-80.png Aarti K.
The Care2 Petitions Team

Biohackers encoded malware in a strand of DNA

Really ? Myopic and resilient

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Subject: Biohackers encoded malware in a strand of DNA
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PLUS: Google’s CEO must answer these questions about that memo, and how to nab deals with your student email address

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Biohackers Encoded Malware in a Strand of DNA

Researchers planted a working hacker "exploit" in a physical strand of DNA.

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Google’s CEO Must Answer These Questions About That Memo

More than 5,400 Google employees have weighed in on queries Sundar Pichai should tackle related to controversial diversity memo.

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Disney’s Building Its Own Netflix. Everyone Else Might, Too

Get ready for Phase Three of the great streaming-video evolution.

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Trump’s North Korea Nuclear Rhetoric Creates a Real Danger

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Tesla Is Turning Kauai Into a Renewable Energy Paradise
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How to Nab Deals with Your Student Email Address
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Google’s AI Declares Galactic War on ‘StarCraft’
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GM’s Cruise Launches Self-Driving Car Service for Employees
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Drinking hot liquids on a hot day actually cools you off. Find out why in this Snapchat edition
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